Building Hope, Creating Community: B/CS Habitat at Thirty

Founded in 1989, Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity has been building homes in Bryan/College Station for almost 30 years. What started as individuals desiring to do something to help families living in substandard housing has become a community committed to providing decent and affordable homes to low-income families. To date, B/CS Habitat has built nearly 300 homes, an impressive number comparable to Habitat affiliates building in larger cities.

How has B/CS Habitat been so successful? Who does B/CS Habitat serve? And who is B/CS Habitat? These are just a few of the questions this audio series hopes to unlock. 

This audio series is produced by Janet Morford and Jane Sherman. Support for this audio series is provided by KEOS 89.1FM Community Radio. A special thank you goes out to Lance Parr, Chief Engineer at KEOS.

When a Community Comes Together

In 1989, Victor Gonzalez and his family were living in a trailer that was falling apart when his church encouraged him to apply for a Habitat home. This is his story and the beginning of Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity.

Stepping Out in Faith: The Founding of Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity

Patricia Burk, one of Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity’s founding members and first Executive Director, tells the story of how the affiliate started and its early years.

Growth and Expansion

From fill-in lots to subdivisions, Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity takes on the challenge of creating a community.

The Habitat Model

Habitat for Humanity is one of the largest home builders in the United States, and its homeowners have one of the lowest mortgage default rates in the industry. What is the Habitat model? What is sustains this nonprofit? Connie Flickinger, B/CS Habitat volunteer and Board Member, shares Habitat’s philosophy that drives its success.

Growing Up in a Habitat Home

Gwendolyn Phillips shares her story of growing up in a Habitat home and her admiration for her dad’s hard work to provide for his family.

Becoming a Habitat Homeowner: The Process

Felipa Sanders, Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity’s Homebuyer Program Manager, walks listeners through the homebuyer process.

“You Can Do It!”: A Habitat Homebuyer’s Journey

Gwendolyn Phillips shares her story of becoming a Habitat homebuyer.

Faith in Action: A Habitat Volunteer’s Story

Connie Flickinger shares her experience as a volunteer with Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity and how the build group, Faith in Action, started and continues to bring together people of different faiths to support their local community.

Growing Up Habitat

Julio Estrada shares his experience of building his home alongside community volunteers and how it has shaped him.

Building Homes, Building Communities

Habitat’s impact reaches beyond Habitat homeowners and their families. The ripple effect of Habitat positively impacts the communities the homes and subdivisions are built in. Volunteer and Board Member, Connie Flickinger, City of Bryan Councilman, Reubin Marin, and Habitat staff, Felipa Sanders share how they have seen these communities have evolved.

Habitat Homeowners Standing Tall and Walking Proud

Habitat homeownership is more than owning a decent and affordable home. It changes people’s lives, not just of the homeowners, but of their relatives and children, of their neighbors and of the volunteers and donors that have been part of their homeownership journey.

The Next 30 years: Challenges and Opportunities

What challenges does Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity face in the coming years? What opportunities does the affiliate have to continue building decent and affordable homes? With land prices and construction costs increase, B/CS Habitat seeks to strengthen partnerships with local city governments and community partners. With a handful of hope and a sprinkling of faith, B/CS Habitat will continue to fulfill its mission of building homes, communities and hope.