In 2006, the Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association partnered with B/CS Habitat to Build a Greater Brazos Valley and built the first 10 homes in our Angels gate subdivision in two weeks. Ten years later, the GBVBA partnered with B/CS Habitat and built the last two homes in Angels Gate in five days! The subdivision is now complete with 105 decent and affordable homes purchased by families whose incomes kept them from qualifying for conventional loans.

Working on a Blitz Build can get crazy, but the excitement runs high! That is why we are once again offering local builders and other businesses the opportunity to contribute money, materials and volunteer hours for a blitz build in fall of 2019. If you want to get in on all the action, Carl A. Orozco at or 979.823.7200 ext. 104.


Thank you to these 2016 local participating builders