Serving Together in Ministry

Habitat for Humanity is a Christian ministry that invites people of all faiths and no faith to join its mission to build and renovate simple, decent, affordable houses. Habitat is about tearing down walls and building bridges. It is about bringing hope and transforming lives. It is about serving God by serving others.

The vision of Habitat is that all people will have a decent place in which to live. Trust in God propels this movement forward and helps bring hope into the lives of homeowners, volunteers — and even bystanders.

Ecumenical Build

Each fall, places of worship come together to support a Habitat for Humanity build. Churches contribute financially and through volunteer support to help one family achieve their dream of homeownership. Be sure to find out how your church can get involved!

What can my church do?

Most importantly, every church can pray for the work of Habitat for Humanity around the world. Churches support the ministry of Habitat in a number of other ways and at a variety of levels. Find out more about church parntership opportunities, including volunteering, fund raising and serving on committees.