Luna2After faithfully pursuing the girl of his dreams for six months, Raúl asked Maria on another date, and she said yes. Both originally from Zacatecas, Mexico, Raúl and Maria are now proud parents of three children. They now call Bryan their home.

The rest of their family includes: Montserrat (13), Edgar (8), and Jimena (6). Their elder daughter dreams of being a chef and currently is a huge help in the kitchen. Edgar is quite the bookworm. Unlike most children, reading is his favorite thing to do. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is his favorite book. Maria told us “the thicker the book, the more interested and excited he is.” Jimena, the family’s “Wiz Kid” is being tested at school for her exemplary intelligence.

When inclement weather reaches their current home, water leaks into the house. The most difficult problem in the house is the drainage, many of their pipes clog up consistently. Along with that, the family is squeezed into two bedrooms and the family has to share a bathroom between the five of them. They’ve been dreaming of owning a Habitat home for quite some time.

Having a Habitat home means something different for each family member. The kids are all very excited to finally have their own home. For Montserrat, it means having her own room. For the younger two, it means having a trampoline and their own area to play. Raúl is excited about having their own garden to maintain and call their own and Maria just wants a place to call home. She wants to be able to decorate and have her own kitchen. Most of all she wants her family to come home and feel like it is their home. She wants to feel like they belong there.

First and foremost, Maria wants to thank God for providing this opportunity for them. She is grateful to the sponsors and volunteers for their sacrificial support of Habitat’s mission.

The generous sponsors for the Luna family’s new home are Aggie Habitat for Humanity, Interfaith Coalition and First Presbyterian Church of Bryan.