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Every year since 2007, women in the Bryan and College Station community have come together as the Circle of Women, raising funds and helping to build decent, affordable homes for families in need.

Women play such an important role in families, but they need a strong base to thrive. Housing that is dilapidated, overcrowded or unaffordable threatens a family’s health, well-being and future prospects.

The Circle of Women members believe that when women come together to support other women, they can accomplish great things. To date, they have financed and built homes for 12 families! As a result, these families have been placed on a path toward better health, more stability and more possibilities.

This summer, the volunteers who form the Circle of Women Steering Committee will begin planning for the 2018 Circle of Women house. To learn more about the Circle of Women, click here. If you are interested in serving on the committee, making a donation or volunteering on the build site, contact Julie Gurnon at jgurnon@habitatbcs.org or (979) 823-7200, ext. 110.

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