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Jesus and Marivel Cisneros and their four children, currently live in an overcrowded mobile home with water leaks, an inoperable window, and plumbing issues. The outside environment is as much a concern as the inside. Rain water pools behind the trailer and smells bad when it becomes stagnant. Theft and loitering also make it unsafe for the children to play outside.

This Saturday, Jesus and Marivel will begin a new chapter of their lives when they raise the walls of their Habitat home alongside volunteers from Aggie Athletics.

Their home would not be possible without the generous support of the Cisneros family home sponsors, Eugene Edge III Charitable Trust, and Peter Madden and the staff at Mad Taco. To the sponsors of their Habitat home, Jesus and Marivel say: “Thank you very much for this life-changing opportunity. It will change our children’s lives and bring a lot of happiness to us all.”

We invite you to join us at their Wall Raising ceremony and share in the excitement!