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Join us as we raise the walls with Kelly and Daniel on their future home!

Meet Kelly and her son Daniel

Building a foundation for the future with Habitat

Kelly VanVeghel has experienced the kind of hardship in her life that many people only read about; her father abandoned her mother (of six children) when Kelly was just six months old, and the family struggled to find appropriate housing. Throughout her childhood, Kelly grew up constantly moving in and out of poor housing in Michigan, even missing school because she didn’t have the proper clothing to travel in the snow. This is one of the many reasons why she is overjoyed to own an affordable, Habitat home with her son Daniel.

Kelly and Daniel enjoy the warmer weather in Texas, but they still have had trouble finding good housing. After living in a rental situation for about ten years, the landlord kicked them out and gave no reason why. To this day, the home remains empty. They currently live in an apartment in a neighborhood that Kelly describes as “rated R.”

At only 25 years old, Daniel Dietrich is an assistant manager at the Shoe Department in College Station and his mother describes him as incredibly mature and reliable for his age. She dreams of him going back to school to finish his education. She wants him to have a good life, where he can afford the necessities and where car repairs don’t bankrupt you.

Through the Habitat program, homebuyers take education classes together and sacrifice time to help build their neighbors’ homes. Kelly is now looking forward to not only having a home, but a community. She’s learned that she can be just as excited about her neighbors getting homes as she can about her own home. But this home won’t happen without you! Our community must come together to provide the funds for their home. Kelly is already so thankful as she says, “Thank you for making the only and biggest dream of my life happen.” Like any mother would be, Kelly is so grateful that her son will have a good, affordable place to call home.

To contribute to their home, please contact Carl Orozco.