Meet Kurtis Kemper, Texas A&M Student Employee of the Year

Photo credit: The Eagle

Photo credit: The Eagle

We are truly blessed to have Kurtis serve as our Senior Construction Assistant. He’s recently won Texas A&M Student Employee of the Year. Here’s why.

Kurtis Kemper is truly a special young man. Besides being smart (he’s managed two 4.0 GPA semesters while working more than any other Habitat student worker), he always has a good story or two. His good attitude creates an enjoyable work environment for our volunteers and his work ethic continuously exceeds expectations. He’s always the first to show up and the last to leave. He proactively addresses issues when they arise and he strives to improve and strengthen his own skills. As our Senior Construction Assistant, Kurtis trains and supervises volunteer groups in roofing, painting, flooring and landscaping. His passion for learning new trades is evident and he ensures volunteer groups understand the tasks at hand.

kurtis kemper at build site

Kurtis Kemper at build site with the Director of Property Nathan Touchette

Kurtis has been involved for B/CS Habitat for years and learned about us through Jobs for Aggies on Howdy (a student-resource website). He likes Habitat because he has the opportunity to work with his hands, learn new trades and witness a different side of life beyond the A&M campus, something that many students may not get to see. that most students don’t see. He plans to remain involved with Habitat when he moves back to Tyler after graduation. Luckily, he’ll still be here for a couple years. He’s completing the Trade Risk Investment Program at Mays Business School and is due to graduate in May of 2018 with a master’s degree in science and finance.

The Texas A&M Student Employee of the Year is awarded based on the number of semesters the student worker worked as a student employee, the GPA during those semesters worked, and a letter of recommendation from a supervisor.
Thank you Kurtis for your outstanding work with B/CS Habitat for Humanity and selfless service to your community, and congratulations on receiving this honor! It is clear that you will go far!
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