Margie Brown has an important job—she prepares meals for elderly people in Bryan and College Station who are going through physical rehabilitation at Magnified Home Health. Every day, after providing necessary care for others in her community, she goes home to another important job — raising her three grandchildren in an old home that doesn’t protect her family. Wind comes in through holes and cracks, and rain comes right in through the ceiling. Margie doesn’t think anyone should have to live like that. At B/CS Habitat, we agree.

Margie had tears of joy and thanked Jesus when she found out that her family was selected to purchase an affordable Habitat for Humanity home. She has a deep desire to provide a better life for her grandchildren than she’s had. They’ve lived in the projects and been evicted before living in their current deteriorating home. Her granddaughter Ma’ryshia (14) doesn’t invite friends over to their home because she’s embarrassed of her classmates finding out how she has to live. As if being a teenager wasn’t already tough enough!

Luckily, Ma’ryshia and her siblings won’t have to worry about that for much longer. The promise of a new home gives the grandchildren hope that their grandmother will be there for them and fight for what they need. For Margie, this new, decent home proves that God really does care about her situation and it encourages her to keep being an awesome grandma to her “kids”. She says, “I’m going to be here to guard them … I love my grandkids. That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

To our community, Margie says, “if you can help someone, do it!” She’s eager to help others because other people are helping her. This is the best kind of community, where we love each other as ourselves. And this is the kind of community we’re building at B/CS Habitat. It’s about more than just decent shelter; it’s about sharing God’s love with those in need. After all, if you could help someone like Margie, wouldn’t you do it? We believe you will.

Contact us to help Margie buy an affordable home where she can be proud to raise her grandchildren and give them a better future!

Watch her story and see where she and her grandchildren live now.