Just spending a few minutes with the Tovar-Ruiz family, you can tell that Miguel is a family man. He and his wife Leticia have two adorable sons: Geraldo, 8, and Jayden, 3. He and his wife truly want what is best for their sons and will do anything to give them a better life than they have now. The family currently lives in a mobile home with structural issues, water damage and no central heat or air, but this year they’re moving into a decent, affordable home, thanks to Smith Dairy Queens and several local churches that join together to put their Faith in Action.

In the case of the Tovars, the impact of their generous house sponsors is strongly felt. Because Smith Dairy Queen and Faith in Action have chosen to love their neighbors as themselves, Miguel and his family will leave behind a trailer park where the landlord could arbitrarily fine him for failing to make repairs to an irreparable home, where their children aren’t safe to play outside and where running water could be turned off for days at a time with little warning.

There’s no question that Miguel is glad to be taking his family away from this dilapidated trailer,  but he also knows that there are many more families just like them who need help and a way out of this same situation. The poor management and bad conditions of this neighborhood have even pushed some residents to take collective action to resolve the problems themselves.

Miguel Tovar would like to thank Smith Dairy Queens and Faith in Action for their support. “We’re thankful for all that you’re doing in helping our dreams come true. Because of this help, we will live better than we are now. It will be our chance for our kids to live in a decent and better place. We’re doing all of this for them and we thank you for your contributions.”

For more information about the collective action, please see this recent KBTX report about an August 2016 town-hall meeting where tenants gathered to describe the unwarranted fines placed on them. The meeting was hosted by former Bryan City Council Member and former B/CS Board Member Al Saenz. (Thank you Mr. Saenz for your continued support for the Habitat mission!)