Next January, Espiridion and his wife, Maria, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary!

The couple, who moved from Mexico to Bryan less than six years ago, are the proud parents of six beautiful children. Their oldest daughter is married, and the remaining children include daughters Jessica (19), Anadelia (17), and Karina (13), and sons Emmanuel (8) and Espiridion (6).

Currently, the family lives in a three-bedroom, one-bath home in Bryan. Espiridion is a full-time electrician, and Maria takes care of the home and the children.

The rent is $500 a month, but the space is way too small for all of them, and it’s in poor condition. For example, caulking has been slathered onto the tub surround and wood trim in an unsuccessful attempt to cover water damage. Half of the tub finish has peeled away, and the overflow opening has a plastic bag stuffed into it.

Needless to say, the family experienced “a lot of joy and happiness” when they were accepted into the Habitat program. The home will have four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The girls talk excitedly about bedroom selection and paint colors. Espiridion and Maria are grateful to all the people who will donate their money and time to help them achieve the life-changing opportunity of homeownership.

“Having our own home, our own space will allow us to put down roots,” the couple said. “We look forward to moving into the neighborhood and having a safe place for our children.”

In addition to managing their large family, Espiridion and Maria are busy accumulating 600 hours of sweat equity, which will help prepare them for homeownership and home maintenance. By exceeding the required 500 hours, they’ll also receive a new washer and dryer — an absolute essential for a household of this size!

The couple also want to emulate the community members who come together to make the Habitat program possible for families like theirs.
“We want to help out wherever we can,” Espiridion said.

Their mortgage payments alone will help fund the program for years to come.