Shortly after getting married, Jose Luis and Patricia bought an acre of land from Patricia’s dad’s boss. They always wanted to build their own home on the land, but they never imagined how challenging that would be.

For the past nine years, the couple and their two daugh-ters — Betzable 9) and Patty (7) — have been living in a hay barn that was converted into a four-unit “apartment.”

“The apartment has a lot of issues” Jose Luis said. “The biggest one is the mold on the windows, and the ceiling is falling apart.”

The rent is inexpensive, but the tenant requires the family to do all of their own maintenance.
The couple heard about Habitat’s homeownership program through friends and their church community. A few months after applying in March of 2018, they were accepted. It was a happy day!

“In my childhood, I never grew up with a house — a home” Jose Luis said. “When I was a kid, my family was kicked out of our home, and that has always stayed with me. Now having this opportunity, it’s something no one in my family has ever had.”

Jose Luis and Patricia are the first homeowners to have their Habitat home built on their own property.

Their daughters can’t wait to move into their new home.

“We will finally be safe, happy and at peace” Patricia said. “My daughters will have a sense of freedom.”

Jose Luis and Patricia want their home sponsors and all the volunteers who will help build their home to know how much it means to their family.
“We’re thankful and grateful for their will, confidence and trust,” Patricia said. “We want to wish them the best and send many blessings their way.”