Floyd Jones and his sister, Faye, want what most people want.

“We all wish to have something that belongs to us, a home” Floyd said. “We wish to live in peace and
live a life full of happiness.”

Raised in Bryan, Floyd and Faye are age 70 and 51, respectively. Floyd is retired with Social Security and veterans’ benefits, and Faye is not working right now because of health issues. They rely on each other because most of their family members have died or live too far away.

The brother and sister heard about Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program through close friends. After several attempts, they were approved back in May 2018. Getting to the wall-raising stage has taken longer than expected, but they remind themselves that all their hard work will pay off.

The Joneses have lived in apartment complexes most of their lives and describe them as “old, very old.” They currently pay $650 for a two-bedroom apartment that has multiple water issues, including mold and a leaky tub that is unusable. Over the years, searching for a decent and affordable apartment yielded little results.

“Although they are livable, we are just paying for something we will never own,” Floyd said. “Rent is expensive and so are utilities. Our current apartment is small and there is not enough room.”

Floyd and Faye will be proud homeowners when they finally receive the keys to their Habitat home. Both say that they are amazed at Habitat’s work and have enjoyed witnessing the positive impact the organization has had on the community.

Most of all, they want to thank the donors and volunteers who have given them this life-changing opportunity.

“We came to the education building not knowing our life was about to change,” Floyd said. “We are thankful for a program like Habitat that provides and helps less fortunate families like ourselves.”