Luis, Norma and their two children Bryan (7) and Perla

Luis, Norma and their two children Brayan (7) and Perla “Lupita” (4) are excited to begin a new chapter in their lives!

Luis Rodriguez was raised by his parents to be a husband and father who takes care of his family, which is why he is so joyful about their new Habitat home. Luis, Norma and their two children currently live with Luis’s parents in a two-bedroom trailer, without insulation and with a window A/C unit that can’t compete with the Texas heat. Their daughter Lupita shares the room with her parents and their son Brayan sleeps in a closet, made bigger to fit his bed. Luis says that his family sometimes drives by the plot of their future home in the evenings to imagine what their life will be like once their house is finished. They’ll point to their future bedroom or talk about the puppy they want to have. Luis says this new Habitat home brings him great satisfaction that he’s providing his family with a place of their own.

Before living in Bryan together, Luis worked here, completing all the paperwork to bring his young family to their new home. For five years, Luis could only spend three weeks a year with Norma and the children. This separation was made more difficult when their son Brayan had severe bleeding after a surgery and Luis could not be there. “I’m sure it was hard for [Norma],” says Luis, “but she’s the kind of woman who doesn’t complain, she just pushes through.”

Luis and Norma are grateful for the opportunity to build an affordable home where they can provide a better future for their growing family, but they’re not the only ones. There are many local families like Luis and Norma who would like to provide a better home for their children, but housing prices are unaffordable. Habitat for Humanity works every day to create transformative change in our community through affordable homeownership, but we can’t accomplish the mission of sharing God’s love through providing affordable homes without you. Won’t you join us in sharing God’s love with our neighbors?