Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity Family

Meet Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity Partner Family: The Rojos. L-R: Libia, Jamie (6), Alex (8), and Anahi (13).


Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity HomeownerLibia could not contain her excitement when she found out she had been selected as a Bryan/College Station Habitat partner family. In June, staff from Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity stopped by the Rojo family’s small two bedroom trailer in Bryan to share the news with her and her eldest daughter, Anahi. Most noted was the condition of the exterior of the home, a small lane with multiple potholes, lead into the community of trailers; the lack of yard space meant there will children playing in the street. Upon entering the home, it became apparent that the energy required to operate the window unit in the living room taxed the electricity of the entire trailer; anything that did not need to be plugged in was unplugged and most of the lights were turned off to allow the trailer to be cooled.

Growing up in Mexico City, Libia knows about cramped living quarters, living with her mother’s family in a single home. She worked as a seamstress before coming to the United States to pursue a better life for herself and her children. Currently working for Sanderson Farms, Libia is excited is excited about creating a stable home for her family, creating a place where the children can create memories and develop a foundation to set them up for success in life. She and her children are already talking about how they want to decorate the home with items found at the BCS Habitat ReStore.  The Rojo family consists of Libia, her two grown children Sandra and Javier, and her three younger children: Anahi (13), Alex (8), and Jamie (6). When the children aren’t in school the family enjoys going to the park, walking, and spending time together. Since being accepted as a partner family, Libia notes that the children are pitching in to help more and she feels it has brought them closer as a family going through the process to purchase their home.

Libia continues to be overwhelmed with emotion when she thinks about everyone supporting her and her family to make the dream of libia-rojo-1homeownership a reality. She is getting help with her sweat equity hours thanks to the generosity of a Habitat Homeowner, Circle of Women, and her children help as much as possible. This new chance and new hope for her has given her a new lease on life; stating she feels liberated knowing that she’ll be able to own a home she can afford and have the knowledge to maintain the home, thanks to the classes on homeownership she is taking  as a partner family. When asked what she would like to say to her donors and supporters, Libia could not find enough words to express her gratitude, but summed up in a heart filled statement, “I hope and pray you have many blessings and that God may triple the generosity you have shown my family. We appreciate everything.”

Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity Circle of women