Wilson/Bookman Home Dedication

Join us this Friday to dedicate Gertrude, Sean and Keisha’s new Habitat home. We’ll be celebrating a new chapter in their lives!

Thank you to all the Corporate Challenge sponsors that made their home possible. Knife River Corporation, Wells Fargo Bank, LSPI, Capsher Technology, MidSouth Bank, Bank of America, Commerce National […]

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Perez Home Dedication

Come join us and the Circle of Women for the Perez Home Dedication! Juan and Liliana Perez with their two children, Alexa and Victor, will move out of their mobile home without central heating and cooling not a minute too soon and into their new Habitat home. To learn more […]

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Benford Home Dedication

Come join us as we dedicate Lakeisha Benford’s home! Lakeisha and her five children will move out of a cramped trailer home and into a 5bed/2bath home with plenty of room for everyone. We will have a short ceremony to mark this […]
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Perez Family Home Wallraising

We are raising the walls of the Perez Family Home this Saturday!

For the past three-and-a-half years, Juan and Liliana Perez have lived in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom mobile home without central heating and cooling. In addition, their two children, Alexa (12) and Victor (10), have no outdoor play area. […]

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Mendez/Montanez Family Home Dedication

Come celebrate with José Mendez and Deisy Montañez this Saturday! José, Deisy and their son, Cristo, are excited to receive the keys to their new Habitat house, with just enough time to settle in and prepare for their new baby due in a few months!  Their home will be a dramatic improvement […]
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