Vista College’s motto is “we create opportunities” and they mean it. They helped sponsor the home of the Almaras-Navarro family and amazed us at the home dedication with the perfect house-warming gift. Vista College not only helped this family buy a home they can afford, but Vista also offered full scholarships to both Juan and Maria. This was especially meaningful because Juan and Maria grew up in towns so poor there weren’t any schools. (Read their story here.)

We’d like to share this video with you because it illustrates Vista College’s motivation for partnering with us and we couldn’t be more grateful for community partners like Vista. Thank you!

“When we talk about creating opportunity, it’s not just about education, it’s not just about jobs, but it’s about creating opportunity in the community.  And this is a perfect example of how we can connect with Habitat for Humanity and create an opportunity for a family to have a home that they might nototherwise be able to afford. That’s what I call creating opportunity.”

– Jeff Atkins, Vista College Campus Director

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