Over the last few years, we have continued to hear that people are not applying for the Habitat program because they make a little more money than what our program allowed, but that these families are still unable to afford decent homes. There was a gap between the need in our community and our homebuying program, but we’re fixing that. We will now serve up to 80% of the Bryan – College Station Area Median Income. This range is in line with what our Federal Government considers to be “low-income.”

What does this mean?

It means Habitat is working hard to make housing truly decent and affordable for hardworking families. For example, with the new income range a family of 4 could still qualify if they make an extra $500/month (more than our previous limit). Please use the chart below to see if you now meet our income qualifications. (If you’re close, please do apply because you never know if you could purchase an affordable Habitat home!) Income isn’t the only qualification, so if you’re curious please visit our homeownership page for more details.

With your help, whether through telling others in your networks about Habitat and its homebuyer program or by visiting one of our informational sessions yourselves, we will move one step closer to our mission of a community where everyone has a decent place to call home. Thank you.

2017 Income Qualification Guidelines

Household Size Minimum (35%) Annual Minimum (35%) Monthly Maximum (80%) Annual Maximum (80%) Monthly
1 $19,050 $1,588 $33,800 $2,816
2 $19,050 $1,588 $38,650 $3,220
3 $19,050 $1,588 $43,500 $3,625
4 $21,150 $1,763 $48,300 $4,025
5 $22,900 $1,909 $52,200 $4,350
6 $24,550 $2,046 $56,050 $4,670
7 $26,250 $2,188 $59,900 $4,991
8 $27,950 $2,330 $63,800 $5,316
9 $29,650 $2,471 $67,650 $5,637
10 $31,300 $2,609 $71,500 $5,958

Attend a Homebuyer Informational Meeting

These informationals last 45 minutes – 1 hour and are required to complete the application process. You might just meet your future neighbors!