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Filiberto Navarro and Berenice Bandaflores have been looking forward to the wallraising of their Habitat home with eager anticipation. Their current living situation is falling apart around them and their two sons, Genaro, 7 and Justin, 4. A number of windows in the trailer home they currently live in do not open, but that is of little consequence because of the numerous cracks and holes in the walls and ceilings provide a clear view of the sky and ventilation. The floors are uneven and with the numerous water leaks, mold is a serious issue.

This Saturday, Filiberto and Berenice, along with B/CS Habitat volunteers and staff will begin building their Habitat home that will provide a secure, safe and sanitary living space for their family. Along with Filiberto and Berenice, we are excited for this last leg of their journey toward Habitat homeownership. Join us as we raise the walls of their Habitat home!