I am expecting a raise in salary from my current job; will Habitat take that into consideration when reviewing my application?

If you receive a raise before Intake and are able to provide supporting documents we will use this when determining your eligibility. If you cannot provide the proper documentation then we will only be able to use the salary provided on your employment verification form.

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The income I receive at my current job does not fall within the income guidelines, does this make me ineligible to apply?

Habitat takes into consideration any non-work income that applicants receive (SSI, food stamps, child support, etc.) If you fall within the income guidelines after we calculate non work income, then you may be eligible. If you do not fall within these guidelines, you will be asked to reapply if and […]

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I am currently living with my parents/friend/family member and therefore do not pay a set amount for rent each month. What should I do with the landlord reference form?

In this situation, we ask that the person you are living with fill out the Landlord Reference Form. You will also need to complete section four of the application describing the house you currently live in. Please explain your situation in the given space. You may also make a note […]

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