Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity recently expanded its homebuying program to include individuals and families who already own land.  

“Land has become more expensive and difficult to procure,” said Charles Coats, Director of Homebuyer Services at B/CS Habitat. “We’re providing this option to meet a need and reduce the wait time.” 

Essentially, owning the land reduces the homebuyer’s mortgage because it means B/CS Habitat does not have to buy the land and then sell it to the homebuyer 

 The timing could not have been better for Jose Luis and Patricia Garcia. The couple will be the first landowners to become Habitat homeowners.  

 The Garcia family home has two other distinctions: the home will be B/CS Habitat’s 300th home and the first one built outside the city limits of Bryan and College Station. 

 Jose Luis and Patricia purchased their acre of land from Jose’s boss shortly after they married almost 10 years ago. As their family began to grow, they realized that building a home on the land was beyond their financial reach.  

 Nine years ago, the couple moved into a two-bedroom apartment after their first daughter, Betzabe, was born. The apartment is one of four units that was once one large hay barn. The rent is inexpensive, but the family must contend with moldy windows and a crumbling ceiling. 

 When Jose Luis and Patricia heard that B/CS Habitat had opened their program to landowners, they jumped at the chance to apply because they still own that acre of land. Soon the home they have always dreamed of will be built on the land they bought so many years ago.  

 “When I was a kid, my family was kicked out of our home, and that has always stayed with me,” Jose Luis said. “Now having this opportunity — it’s something no one in my family has ever had.”  

 B/CS Habitat is excited to offer this new option to families looking for affordable homeownership opportunities, and we look forward to partnering with many more families both inside and outside Bryan and College Station.” 

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