In the past five years, Bryan/College Station has consistently been listed as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. With the influx of new residents, demand for housing has outstripped supply. We have seen an unprecedented increase in home values in this area. For many hardworking low-income families in our community, the dream of homeownership is all that more elusive as the price of homes has skyrocketed out of their reach. Because of this, we at B/CS Habitat for Humanity have an even more pressing desire to increase our capacity to build affordable homes for these families.

However, B/CS Habitat is not immune to the increase of real estate prices and construction costs. We have seen construction costs increase by 30% in just the last three years, and this trend does not seem to be slowing. Therefore, it is imperative for B/CS Habitat to continue growing its support base and community partnerships in order to fulfill our mission. And to this end, we need your help to make homeownership a reality for low-income families in our community!

There are many ways to contribute and partner with B/CS Habitat. From in-kind donations to monetary donations, from hosting a B/CS Habitat fundraising housewarming party  to sponsoring a business profit share day, we are humbled by the generosity and creativity of this community. If you or your business would like to partner with B/CS Habitat, we invite you to contact our Development Director, Carl A. Orozco, at

We are also excited to announce that for the month of December, Fred and Sue Ellen Davis along with Davis & Davis Lawyers are matching donations to B/CS Habitat. If you plan to give before the end of the year, you have the opportunity to double your donation and make a greater impact. So donate today!

Everyone has the ability to “love your neighbor as yourself” and positively impact the future of our community. We have seen how safe and decent homes can unlock the potential of families to excel and contribute to our community.  B/CS Habitat families that formerly spent all their resources dealing with major health issues, over-crowded and unsafe living conditions are no longer just trying to survive, but are building better lives. The Lopez family is one of these families. Before partnering with Habitat, they lived in substandard housing with serious mold issues, no A/C in the summer and no heat in the winter, they were constantly dealing with health emergencies. After working with B/CS Habitat to build their own house, they are now THRIVING! No longer struggling with asthma, the Lopez children are doing well in school and are participating and winning in competitive boxing. (To read more about the Lopez family and their latest accomplishments.)

Everyone deserves a decent place to live. You can help be the difference in a family’s journey to homeownership. Please consider partnering with B/CS Habitat as we head into 2017 and help us continue our mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.