69b322fb-bcdf-417a-b233-b8734c5992bfBuilding hope in the home, in school and in the ring

A few years ago, Alvaro and Dulce Lopez realized that their living conditions were making their family sick. A serious mold issue, no A/C in the summer or heat and adequate insulation for the winter months was causing all sorts of health problems, not to mention a creating an all-around miserable living environment. Beyond this immediate need, for many years it was their dream to one day own a nice house where they could thrive and grow as a family.

But this all seemed so impossible! In Bryan/College Station it was difficult to find a better house for the same amount of monthly rent. At this point Alvaro and Dulce began to pray for a miracle, and they were eventually led to apply to our affiliate’s Habitat homeownership program. To their greatest joy, they were accepted as a Habitat Partner Family, and after months of hard work on their future home site and on others in the Angels Gate subdivision, the Lopez family purchased and then moved into their brand new Habitat home in April of 2015.

sara lopez, youth boxing championA year later, in May, we spoke with Dulce Lopez about the impact that this safe, healthy environment has had on this couple’s children. In one sentence, it was “A Godsend…” And she meant this in the most literal sense of the word; God provided them a home that she and her husband actually own, and the impact is huge!  In their new Habitat home, Alvaro and Dulce no longer have to spend so much of their energy and attention on providing a livable housing situation for their children and “just trying to survive.” Instead, they can focus on learning and nurturing the interests and abilities of their children, rather than just trying to keep them healthy and warm.

Today, their children are all healthy, and they “do not fight as much…at least not at home.” This phrase made more sense when she explained how her children are so healthy today that Sara (pictured right) and Danny (the youngest) are competing in youth boxing all over Texas. Alvaro (Jr., the eldest) just graduated from middle school in May!

Danny Lopez Youth Fighter of the Month Bryan College Station texasTheir children aren’t just competing–they’re winning, both in the ring and in school. The children are motivated and dedicated–they even maintain a strict diet to hold their weight class and are interested in their classes in school. Dulce described to us how amazing it is to see her daughter Sara being able to put the same amount of focus towards studying for an exam as she does preparing for a fight like the recent Golden Gloves championship in late May (see video below) Spoiler alert: she wins all three rounds!

The love and support that the Lopez parents show their children is inspiring and motivating in itself; but their story also demonstrates the impact that good, decent and affordable shelter can have on a family, especially on the children. The Lopez children have renewed confidence and health because God showed their parents the way forward, and because donors and volunteers heeded the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” (Galatians 5:14).


Now imagine the impact of 300 new homes on 300 wonderful families in your community. With 266 homes built, Habitat could reach this number of families served very soon…with your help. For every family helped, there is a story; for every house built, a new direction and a new hope. There are many more families in our own community just like the Lopez family; families who need a decent home, and are praying for a miracle. Will you join us in building hope for a better future through affordable homeownership?

The Lopez home was generously sponsored by Smith Dairy Queen. Contact Carl Orozco to learn about sponsoring a home for a family like the Lopez family.