Alvarado Family Home Wallraising

Richard and Susie Alvarado have worked and lived in Bryan, TX for over 20 years. They have moved often, trying to, but never successfully, finding an affordable rental for their family. Their oldest son, Phillip, 27, is now on his own, but their youngest three, Nicholas, 14, Ivan, 13, and […]
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Navarro/Bandaflores Family Home Wallraising

Filiberto Navarro and Berenice Bandaflores have been looking forward to the wallraising of their Habitat home with eager anticipation. Their current living situation is falling apart around them and their two sons, Genaro, 7 and Justin, 4. A number of windows in the trailer home they currently live in do […]

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Herrera Wallraising

Join us this Saturday for the Herrera Family Home wallraising!

The Herrera family was accepted into the Habitat homebuyer program last July. Since then, Gladis and Alejandro have done more than 300 hours of their required 500 sweat-equity hours! They and their daughter, Alisen, are looking forward to start building their home.

The […]

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