Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 2.51.55 PMThis Saturday, Laura Pedraza and her family will finally be able to move out of the crowded, dilapidated trailer they’ve been living in for 10 years and into a new home.

Laura Pedraza has a unique family. While she has a set of twin daughters, Breza and Brianna (12), she is also responsible for two nephews, Miguel (18), who is also her sweat equity partner, and Jayden (7). Through a series of unfortunate events, Miguel and Jayden have come to live with Laura. The family members currently live in an older mobile home that is in need of many repairs and has no insulation. The living conditions are crowded and the lack of insulation makes the mobile home difficult to live in during the summer and winter.

The poor living conditions make it hard for the kids to complete their homework and many times they must go to the library to do so. They all look forward to the day when they can live in a home that provides adequate space and a neighborhood that has a safe environment.

Laura feels so fortunate and excited to be accepted into Habitat’s program that the day following her acceptance, she began working on the 500 hours of sweat equity. Laura has been accumulating sweat equity hours for approximately one month and does so by working at Habitat’s ReStore where she cleans and organizes items and performs various other tasks. In addition to completing sweat equity hours, Laura has worked full-time the last 4 years in the Finishing Department at Kent Moore Cabinets.

“We’re a family that is in an economic situation that wouldn’t allow us to ever get a house without assistance. If it weren’t for organizations like Habitat, it would be impossible for us and families like us to get a house because of our economic situation,” said Laura.

Laura has persevered through many hardships during her life. However, those experiences have helped her appreciate the opportunity to earn a new home. Laura expressed her gratitude, saying “Thank you for taking the time to read our bio and for getting to know a little about us. Thank you for being willing to help us through this process and God bless.”

The Pedraza home is sponsored by the 2015 Circle of Women. Each year, women from our community come together to contribute to a Habitat home with funds and time.

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