Talking witnunez wall raisingh Ezequiel and Ana quickly reveals what is most important to them: their kids. The couple’s four boys, ranging from a newborn to 12 years old, are their greatest motivation to build a good home in Bryan, TX. Now that they have been accepted into the Habitat program, they are close to achieving that dream. But it has been a long journey to get here.

Originally from Mexico, Ezequiel Nunez grew up mostly in Texas. When he met and married his wife, Ana Ortega, in Mexico, he shared with her his desire to live in the U.S. They first went to Arizona for five years, but left for Dallas in search of more job opportunities.

Dallas proved difficult though. While Ana worked at McDonald’s, Ezequiel struggled to find permanent employment and left for a job opportunity in Bryan. Ezequiel worried about his wife and young children alone in Dallas, so when one of the children got pneumonia and was hospitalized, Ezequiel decided it was time to bring his whole family to Bryan.

Ezequiel and Ana said that coming to Bryan has been a huge blessing for the family. In fact, Ezequiel believes that the hardships in Dallas were part of God’s providence, leading the family here.

While the family is thankful to call Bryan home, they don’t have a decent place to live. Their dilapidated trailer leaks when it rains. The heater and boiler do not work and the house lacks insulation. It’s very hot and humid in the summer and cold in the winter. Last winter they bought a space heater and the whole family would sleep with it in the same room. In addition, the landowners are very strict and don’t want the children to play outside.

They don’t have much, said Ezequiel and Ana, but little by little, they are moving toward their goal of homeownership. They are working hard to complete their required sweat equity hours and will attend homeownership classes soon. Once those requirements are met and a home sponsor is secured, construction will begin. They are thrilled that their Habitat home will allow their kids to grow up in one place – a safe, stable place – where they can make good memories.

Ezequiel and Ana could not be more proud of their sons. Juan (12) and Austin (9) are both doing really well in school. Juan has a great work ethic and really likes football. Austin loves to play outside and is very obedient. They’re also both very helpful at home with their two younger brothers, Angel (2) and Ezequiel (infant).

It hasn’t been easy for this young family, but Ana explains, “With adversity, there are more blessings that come along.” One of those blessings that is coming is a new home. They will fill their home with lots of love and build a stronger, brighter future for their children.